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Trucking Factoring


Do you need freight bill financing to keep up with your growing trucking business?  Factoring with Allegiant Business Finance is a great way to provide steady cash flow for your freight invoices. We buy your unpaid freight bill of lading (BOL) and give you instant cash for them!

Any trucking business involves many expenditures that need to be paid before any freight is actually delivered, such as fuel, toll taxes, payroll, shipments, insurance and more. These upfront expenditures can make positive cash flow extremely difficult, which is where Allegiant comes in.

How does Trucking Factoring work?

  1. Haul and deliver a load to a qualifying credit-worthy customer
  2. When delivered, fax bills of lading to Allegiant
  3. Within 24 hours Allegiant will wire or direct deposit funds into your bank account
  4. Upon payment from your customer, you will receive the balance due you, less our factoring fee

Competitive Allegiant Advantage

Allegiant Business Finance is well equipped to offer customizable trucking factoring solutions, including:

  • No sign up fees
  • No volume requirement
  • No credit score minimum
  • No monthly fees
  • Low, competitive factoring rates
  • Recourse/Non-Recourse options available
  • We support 90 days and in some cases up to 120 days terms
  • Fast and reliable funding in 24 hours or less
  • No long-term contracts  or termination fees
  • FREE credit checks and self-funding
  • 24 hour online account management
  • Financing services available in the USA and Canada 

Factoring Company for Trucking

Bank FactoringSame-day funding makes factoring the ideal solution for trucking companies. Selling your receivables to Allegiant provides reliable and steady cash flow, helping you shift your business forward into high gear. Advantages of using Allegiant Business are plentiful, including:

  • Factor invoices from $30,000 to $3,000,000 or more, and in 24 hours Allegiant provides the highest value for your freight invoices at the lowest cost.
  • We offer our factoring services to all kinds of trucking businesses. Whether you are handling 5 trucks or running a 200-truck business, Allegiant can improve your business system and make you more successful.
  • Professional collections on factored invoices.
  • A highly experienced account rep to help manage your accounts.
  • We work with both startup and established trucking companies.
  • We finance both commercial and government invoices.
  • Allegiant Business Finance funds upon receipt of faxed or emailed copies of your original bills and invoices. You do not need to wait for your originals to be received and mailed to Allegiant prior to receiving funds. With Allegiant, you just fax or email your invoices and backup to us, then mail them directly to your customer. This saves you time and the cost of sending your original invoices and bills of lading via overnight mail to us.

Why Choose Allegiant Business Finance?

As soon as the load is delivered, you get paid and can work on securing the next load (and the load after!), without having to worry about cash flow.

At Allegiant Business Finance, instead of providing a lot of extra bells and whistles that end up being extremely costly for you (our customer!), we simply factor your invoices. We feel this will be in many truckers best interest and trucking companies that have gone with Allegiant have expressed a desire for a simpler trucking factoring solution and a thankfulness that we provide it.  Your success is our success.

Trust Allegiant Business Finance for an overhaul to your trucking business’ cash flow. Take us for a test drive and get a free quote.

Call us at 866.377.0800 to get the cash you need today by TRUCKING FACTORING with Allegiant Business Finance.

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