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Is your manufacturing business in need of a long term cash flow finance solution?


A typical manufacturing company faces cash deficit problems as payments from their customers can often take weeks to months to arrive. However there’s no reason you should restrict your company’s growth because of cash flow problems;  instead ensure your companies continued growth and investment by pursuing a manufacturing factoring solution. Allegiant Business Finance is able to provide you instant cash without showing debts in your balance sheet. With our Manufacturing factoring services, you will receive up to 95% of the value of your invoices within 24 hours of approved invoice.

With accounts receivable factoring there are no restrictions or limitations as to how you can employ this working capital in your company. Additionally, the benefits of manufacturing factoring with us make it the most effective finance solution.

  • You can factor $30,000 to $3,000,000 or more in invoices and do so as many times as required to generate cash flow. Your funding capacity is only limited by your sales.
  • Eliminate loans and debts. With increased and continuous cash flow, you can use this capital to pay off old debts. Paying these debts and clearing your balance sheet will also improve your credit score making you eligible for future financing options.
  • Bulk orders and customer satisfaction. Manufacturing factoring gives you an advantage in the industry as your company will be able to take up bulk orders with or without advance payment, as your factoring solution will have already provided you with the working capital to cover your expenses. You can also give your customers ample time to pay for their invoice, allowing you to maintain cordial ties and foster loyalty.
  • Maintenance and development. Teaming up with Allegiant Business Finance will also help you focus on other aspects of your company. You will have the funds to explore making decisions about new equipment purchases, payrolls and updating inventory. Our end to end services allow you to work on newer processes and products, because we look after timely payment by your customers too!

Allegiant has a long history of factoring manufacturing companies including those servicing the following industries;

Aerospace Pulp and Paper
Consumer Goods Telecommunications
Engineering Transportation
Government Underground Utilities
Machining Product/Wholesale Factoring
 and many more…

Don’t miss out on greatness, choose Allegiant Business Finance today.

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