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How does Government Factoring work?

Government FactoringMost companies providing work for government agencies face a constant cash flow crunch, as regular payroll never stops and new purchase orders for yet more product keep rolling in. It can be frustrating to look at your open invoices and wish you could just get paid in a timely basis for the work you have already performed. If you did, you would have more than adequate cash to meet your payroll and supply needs, and your business would flourish.

The good news is, you don’t have to face that cash flow crunch anymore! Let Allegiant Business Finance provide you with one of our flexible invoice factoring programs, and stop worrying about your cash flow needs right now!

Government contract financing, also known as government factoring, can help small to medium size companies keep up with the high demands of government contracts.

Do you provide goods or services to any branch of government? Most governmental agencies pay very slowly; but don’t let the wait period hamper your growth! We understand that obtaining new government contracts, filling orders, and paying your staff on time are paramount for keeping your business afloat.

Affordable Government Factoring

Allegiant’s government contract financing services can factor invoices to municipalities, school districts, counties, states and federal agencies. Perhaps your company is providing educational services to a city, running a program for a county, supplying a state agency with office supplies, or providing reforestation services for the federal government. If you are doing any of these, or anything for any government entity, you are no doubt waiting thirty, sixty or even ninety days for payment. With Allegiant, you do not have to wait anymore!

Finance Government Contracts

Allegiant has a long history and excellent track record of factoring business to government services including:

Disaster Relief Federal, State, Local
FEMA Loads Government Staffing
IT and Computer Services Janitorial
Logistics and Transportation Military Products and Supply
Municipal Projects Perm/Temp Staffing
Security Guards Professional Services
and many more.

Simple Process

Our simple factoring process allows you to continue sending your invoices directly to the government agency as you normally do, and when you are ready to fund, just fax or email your invoices and back up to our office. Think of it – you’ll have funds in your bank within 24 hours!

Once your invoices are funded, you can count on professional and courteous follow up with your customers by our account executive team. Plus you’ll receive timely reserve releases after your invoices have been paid. With 24/7 online access to your account, you will have everything you need at your fingertips to manage your company’s growth.

The Bottom Line

While many banks and other factoring companies are currently shying away from invoices to government agencies, Allegiant Business Finance is actively funding them. Get started today with Government Contract Financing and fix your never-ending cash flow crunch caused by slow paying government customers.

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